‘Footprints on Water’ a must-watch film for South Asian audiences: Adil Hussain

Adil Hussain, the acclaimed actor whose recent film ‘Footprints on Water’ has garnered widespread acclaim worldwide, emphasizes the significance of this must-watch movie, particularly for South Asian viewers.

At the Ottawa Indian Film Festival (OIFF) in Canada, Adil was honored with the Best Actor award for his exceptional portrayal in the critically acclaimed film. Penned by Neetha Syam and directed by Nathalia Syam, ‘Footprints on Water’ delves into the life of an undocumented immigrant father residing in the United Kingdom. The gripping narrative follows his relentless quest to find his missing daughter while evading detection by authorities. Through this story, the film sheds light on the challenges faced by immigrants from diverse backgrounds who arrive in the UK with hopes of transforming their lives.

Adil, essaying the role of Raghu, the father desperately seeking his daughter, emphasizes that many individuals believe that migrating to the UK or the West will automatically lead to a better life. While acknowledging that those fleeing political persecution face different circumstances, he believes it is crucial for those seeking a better life to be aware of the harsh realities they may encounter.

He asserts, “This film is important to be shown in South Asian countries, as these topics are generally not depicted in movies there, enabling people to become aware of the dangers. Even many Caucasian people in the West, who have lived there for a long time, remain unaware of such issues.”

Thus, the actor, hailing from Goalpara, considers ‘Footprints on Water’ a vital film that serves as a reality check.

Adil expresses his gratitude to the festival and extends his appreciation to director Nathalia Syam, writer Neetha Syam, and producer Mohaan Nadaar for their contributions to his award-winning performance.

The festival’s official Twitter account describes Adil Hussain as a decorated Assamese actor, commending his powerful and empathetic portrayal of a father on the verge of financial and familial ruin in the film. ‘Footprints on Water’ also features Nimisha Sajayan, Lena, and British actor Antonio Aakeel. Shot in Birmingham, UK, as well as Fort Kochi and Kumbalangi in Kerala, the film pays tribute to those who are compelled to uproot themselves from their homes due to various reasons.

The jury also gives a special mention for a “Very Strong Debut Film” to ‘Footprints on Water’. Having already left a mark at several prestigious film festivals worldwide, the movie previously received accolades at the New York Indian Film Festival.

The Ottawa Indian Film Festival stands as Eastern Canada’s premier festival dedicated to Indian cinema and culture. Showcasing a competitive array of multi-genre Indian films, the festival also includes special screenings, events, contests, Q&A sessions, and workshops. Since 2017, the festival has successfully cultivated an audience for Indian cinema and culture not only in Ottawa but throughout Canada and North America.

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