UK YouTuber’s past manoeuvres point toward nexus of global jihad: Report

ANI: Past activities of UK Youtuber and British-Egyptian, Mohammed Hijab, who is the main instigator-in-chief of the targeted attacks on Hindus in the UK, points toward a larger nexus of global jihad, media reports said citing experts.

The Times of Israel, citing an editorial article written by Sergio Restelli, an Italian geopolitical expert, the same Mohammed Hijab, in May, was previously seen opposing a pro-Israeli rally.

Hijab with a group of supporters shouted slogans like, “We are with the brothers and sisters of Palestine. We will get our vengeance in this life and the afterlife!…..We love death!….Allahu akbar! Takbir!”

Jihad, as per the Restelli is bound by synchronized public relations and perception management techniques. The globalization of Jihad by Islamic extremists has affected many countries from far North to far South.

It seems like Mohammed Hijab has changed his focus from the middle eastern region to the UK. He has been involved in inciting Hindu-Muslim conflicts in Leicester over last weekend at the end of an India-Pakistan cricket match. Hijab has had little to do with India and Pakistan still seems to be at the centre of all the action.

People in the UK who are familiar with the Israel-Palestinian conflict and monitor its regularly know Hijab very well.

The expert pointed out that his concerns about the globalization of Jihad are now spreading its claws across regions, unfortunately. British cultural fabric remained intact for over 7 decades. Hindus and Muslims have been living and coexisting peacefully in the UK.

All of a sudden, after the India-Pakistan cricket match, it all seems to have changed.

Hijab, who until now was primarily focused on protesting against Israel, spreading anti-zionism and antisemitism, was also seen with a megaphone inciting groups of Muslim youth.

His wrongdoings were made evident when Leicester Muslims themselves can be heard asking Hijab to “put the mike down” and “stop inciting” the crowds.

However, Hijab’s involvement in radical activities has a completely different version of the story where he claimed that his actions were not directed toward advocating “any violence and disharmony between any members or groups of the British public.”

There is more to this as the expert article points out that Hijab has often shared the stage and has collaborated with other social media Islamic extremists such as Majid Freedmen and Ali Dawah, who have also Hindus to their focus, which until recently was limited to Palestine and pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel rallies.

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