There’s a New World’s Thinnest Watch in Town, and It’s a Ferrari

Mere months after Bulgari claimed the luxury timepiece title, Richard Mille debuts a collaboration with the Italian stallion that is a technological marvel.

Ferrari is known for its sleek sports cars, and now it has an accessory that is truly worthy of them.

The Italian brand has collaborated with Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille on a watch that sets an interesting new record.

At just 1.75 mm thick, the RM UP-01 Ferrari is the world’s thinnest mechanical watch.

The timepiece is the result of over 6,000 hours of development and made mostly of titanium.

It features a wide body that accommodates its unique mechanism and a small watch face in the center.

Two crowns to the left of it allow for setting the time and winding the watch, which lasts for up to 45 hours.

On the left is the exposed barrel to show off its high performance movement.

The watch beats the previous record of 1.80 mm by a scant .05 mm worthy of an automaker that is used to winning events by hundredths of a second.

As with many of Ferrari’s products, it is a limited edition and is, in fact, priced higher than any Ferrari car on sale today.

The UP-01 is listed at $1.9 million and only 150 will be made. That’s $285 million worth of watches.

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