Parade of Volkswagen Beetles cruise Mexico City streets

A parade of Volkswagen Beetles cruised through the streets of Mexico City on June 22.

The 13th annual edition of the Beetle parade, organised by different fan clubs in the Mexican capital, commemorates the celebration of the popular vehicle.

The “bug,” or “vocho,” as the Beetle was nicknamed, debuted in 1938 as an affordable vehicle commissioned by Adolf Hitler to promote car ownership among Germans.

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With its recognisable design and inexpensive price, the car became a success story over subsequent decades and was one of the top-selling models of all time as well as the best-selling import in the United States in the 1960s, according to auto publications.

Despite its place in popular culture, sales of the Beetle had been lacklustre in recent years. The German automaker announced in 2018 that the Beetle would go extinct.

“It is something that will never be repeated, no car is going to take its place,” VW Beetle enthusiast, Roberto Martinez told Reuters.

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