Int’l cargo flight frequency of Shanghai airport returns to normal

The average daily frequency of cargo flights and freight volume of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport returned to a normal level in the first week of July, as the recent COVID-19 epidemic has waned in the city, Xinhua reports quoting Shanghai Airport Authority.

Since June, there has been an increase in the frequency of cargo flights at the airport, showed data. In late June, Pudong airport recorded an average of 232 cargo flights every day, with the daily throughput averaging 9,133.9 tonnes, up 33.6 percent and 28.1 percent respectively compared with the same period in May.

During this period, a daily record of 253 cargo flights was set with the daily throughput amounting to 10,797 tonnes, on par with a high level in the same period of 2021.

At present, a total of 58 Chinese and foreign airlines operate cargo flights at the airport with air routes linking 68 destinations around the world.

The airport provides a green channel for fresh cold-chain goods. According to statistics, the freight volume of imported fresh cold-chain goods recently handled by the airport has increased rapidly.

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